Is robotic heart surgery safe?

  Robotics heart surgery is the surgery which is done through very small cuts on the above part of the heart (chest). With the help of small instruments and robot-controlled equipment’s, cardiac surgeons are able to do surgery in the way that is less invasive that open heart surgery. This procedure is sometimes called as da Vinci surgery because that is the name of the manufacture of the robot which is used in the surgery. Artificial Intelligence has a brightest future in Cardiology. It plays a important role in the digital cardiology. Robotic surgeries has been used for different types of heart related surgeries including heart defect repair, coronary artery bypass, cardiac tissue ablation, valve surgery and tumor removal . The advantage of robotic heart surgery is that it is minimally invasive compare with open heart surgery. Major advantages of robotic surgery include greater visualization, enhanced dexterity and greater precision. Potential risks and complications of robotic su

What are the best exercises for the heart diseases?

  Heart diseases it is a disorder that affects the heart. The term heart diseases are used widely with in the term cardiovascular diseases. This disease basically refers to the condition that invovles in chest pain, stroke and blocked blood vessels. Diseases under heart including blood vessel diseases, heart failure, stroke, vascular diseases, cardiac diseases. Benefits of exercise for heart health: We know regular exercise strengthens muscles, but it also helps the heart do a better job of pumping blood throughout the body. ·          Lower blood pressure ·          Improve blood flow ·          Improve workout efficiency ·          Lower cholesterol   Best exercises to strengthen your heart: Strengthening your heart is one of the best things you can do for your health. The best way to strengthen your heart is to exercise. If you have a history of heart disease, or just worry about your heart health, you need to develop a regular exercise routine. Walking: It might